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5 Level Program
We have a patent pending fully duplicable five (5) level comprehensive program including: Orientation, Client Assessment, Treatment Plan, Total Wellness and Validation & Enforcement.

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The war on substance abuse must be waged on consumer demand. Getting the defendant and family, court, attorneys, physicians, counselors, clergy and technologists to work together.
And together, we can!

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Signature Hill Independent Substance Abuse Network
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Signature Hill Independent Substance Abuse Network

Medical and legal working together for you.

If you know anyone with drug and/or legal problems, we have a prescription and a legal team that can help. An organized team of multi-disciplined professionals, we'll use the power of the law, an amazing, new, non-addicting medication and high technology to prove your successful compliance in a new drug and alcohol free life.

We're a Team of Multi-Disciplined Professionals

Living a totally abstinent, substance free life, can be as easy as one click, one call.

After proper assessment and entry into our 5 level, multi profession program, many people just like you are merely taking one prescribed pill per day, or one injection per month and working, and living life to the fullest.

An addiction physician, former prosecuting attorney, police officer, and psychologist,
combining over 150 years of education and experience, all networked together, have created, and want to share, an outpatient, total abstinence program model, that really works.

One click, one call, painless detox, no methadone, work while treating. One click one call, we’ll give you the power to just say no, and really mean it.